Lunches, dinners, aperitifs in hut, malga, maso, rifugio, agriturismo or at the restaurant in the village

There are many ways in which you can enjoy a ski holiday in Val di Fiemme surrounded by the aromas and flavors of the typical Trentino cuisine.

Lunches, dinners, aperitifs in hut, malga, maso, rifugio, agriturismo or at the restaurant in the village

An unforgettable experience that will leave your palate satisfied , it will add that touch of magic, whether you are surrounded by the silence of the woods, the breathtaking views at high altitude, the animals in the farmhouses or the tradition of the valley restaurants.

The 7 wonders of the specialties to taste at least once in a lifetime to experience a real holiday in the tradition of Val di Fiemme:


Typical dish of Trentino cuisine. The dumplings lookalike big balls that are nothing more than gnocchi made of bread, milk and eggs, with the addition of speck, Trentingrana cheese and parsley. They can be served in broth or "dry", with melted butter and Trentingrana cheese. There are several variations that you can try such as dumplings with cheese, spinach, beetroot, porcini mushrooms or with veal liver. For the sweet tooth you will also find sweet ricotta dumplings served with chocolate cream or jam.


Of course the dairies deserve a guided tour to be able to see, smell and taste the dairy art of the valley. You can then stock up on the products offered in the dairy shops.

Caseificio Sociale Val di Fiemme Cavalese SCA

Caseificio Sociale di Predazzo e Moena


A place that is committed to producing craft beer following the traditional recipes of the area. An Agricultural Brewery that cultivates its own raw materials such as hops and barley.


An aperitif or a good appetizer with an inviting platter of cold cuts and cheeses and what most tells the tradition of the Fiemme Valley. Among all, the Trentino Speck is really a must have for those passing through the valley. It can be found almost in all restaurants, lodges, farms,  but also in specialized shops as well as in delicatessens of course.

Il Maso dello Speck
Via Pozze di Sopra, 2
I-38030 Daiano – Ville di Fiemme (TN)
Ristorante tel.: +39 0462 342244



Bees transform the nectar of flowers into honey. Beekeeping is the breeding of bees
The beekeeper, without disturbing the balance of the hives, takes care of them, observes and checks the health of the bees.
When the honey is ready, the beekeeper takes the frames, cuts the wax and inserts the frames into the honey extractor, a process to release the honey from the frames.
The honey is filtered and after the due rest it is poured into the jars.
Val di Fiemme offers uncontaminated environments far from the pollution of large industrial centers. Mountain beekeeping offers a vast flora at different altitudes.
The most popular honeys are: wildflower honey, acacia honey, linden honey, rhododendron honey and fir honeydew.

Miele di Fiemme Apicoltura Turrini Alessio
Via Colonia 23
38030 Daiano – Ville di Fiemme TN

Dolci Momenti dalle Dolomiti
Via Stazione, 4/a
38030 Castello di Fiemme TN
Telefono: 329 0807952
Maso delle Erbe – Al Naturale S.a.s.
Via Roma 2/A
38038 Tesero TN
Telefono: 0462 814753
Apicoltura Weber
Via Trento 25
38030 Castello-molina di Fiemme TN
Apicoltura Sommavilla Dario
Via Moene 13
38035 Moena TN
Telefono: 0462 573070


The apple strudel is the most famous dessert in the region, you certainly cannot avoid tasting it. Strudel is a roll of dough that contains a mixture of apples, raisins, pine nuts and cinnamon. Excellent in winter accompanied by a good cup of mulled wine or hot chocolate, in summer it can be eaten while sipping  a glass of elderberry syrup, a fruit juice but also with a cappuccino. You can really find it everywhere. If you are not satisfied with just one slice or want to bring a good gift to friends and family, go to the pastry shop.

Pasticceria Panificio 'Cose Buone Da Paolo' Di Baldassarra Simone
Piazza Scopoli, 12, 38033 Cavalese TN
Telefono: 0462 340266

Pasticceria Fior Di Bosco Di March Giuseppe & C. S.N.C.
Via Garibaldi, 7, 38037 Predazzo TN
Telefono: 0462 502474



True elixir of good humor. Trentino Alto Adige has many products to offer its visitors and for those who love the world of wines, sparkling wines and grappas, there are many places to taste the specialties of the area that derive from a popular tradition rich in recipes.

Enoteca "Il Nettare di Bacco" di Matteo Zapparata
Via Bronzetti, 3
38033 Cavalese TN
Telefono: 348 2847598
El Molin Winebar & bistrot
Via Muratori, 6
38033 Cavalese TN
Telefono: 379 1859555
Delizie Welponer
Via Fratelli Bronzetti, 27
38033 Cavalese TN
Telefono: 0462 340252

Paolazzi Distillerie
via dei Rododendri 2
38033 Cavalese TN
Telefono: 0462 230344

Milan Service - Perbacco
Via Venzan, 13
38030 Panchià TN
Telefono: 0462 810240
Zorzi Max Bevande di Zorzi Massimo e Francesco Sas
Via Nazionale, 100
38030 Ziano di Fiemme TN
Telefono: 0462 571132
Enoteca Predazzo
Piazza Santi Apostoli
38037 Predazzo TN
Telefono: 380 369 9976

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