Sleds and bobsleighing

Speed through the fresh snow, pick up speed and let go of the thrill of the descent on long straights and breathtaking curves.

Sleds and bobsleighing

Another fun way to slide on the snow is undoubtedly sitting on a sled or for the more daring, riding a snowbike or monoski.

The Fiemme Valley offers many opportunities to have fun in numerous descents and then comfortably go up again with the lifts to repeat the adventure again.

Snowpark of Ziano di Fiemme

In Ziano, in the Belvedere area, the snow playground offers children the opportunity to have fun in the open air by sliding with sleds, bobsleighs, rubber donuts and skis. Ascent with the moving belt, free admission. Helmet compulsory up to 12 years, rental € 1.

Pampeago sledge run

Above the Latemar chairlift, near the Bip Club Kindergarten, you will find a track for sleds served by the Campo Scuola chairlift. Length: 400 m | Difficulty: easy

Gardonè sledge run

Reachable with the Predazzo-Gardonè lift and the Campo Scuola chairlift.

Track length: 500 m - Sled hire on site

Obereggen sledge run

Obereggen is a 15 minute drive from Passo Lavazè. It starts from the Epircher Laner mountain hut, reachable with the Ochsenweide lift, and descends for 2.5 km to Obereggen. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday illuminated path from 7pm to 10pm.

Length: 2.5 km - Difference in height: 280 m - Difficulty: medium/easy

Absam sledge run in Obereggen

The new sledge run in Obereggen: 750 meters of slope from the Epircher-Laner lodge to the valley station of the Absam-Maierl chairlift.

Possibility of using the new Laner telemix system.

Length: 750 m - Difference in height: 108 m - Difficulty: easy

Snowpark Greta and Gummer Park in Lavazè

The Greta and Gummer snowpark offers colorful games in a fenced area of over 100 square meters, where even parents can enjoy the sun on deck chairs without losing sight of the children.

Connected to the area there is the track for bobsleighs with moving belts.

Snowpark Malga Varena

At Passo Lavazè, near the ski lift of the Malga Varena ski school field, there are three slopes for tubbies (rubber donuts) and a track for snow bikes, monoski, sleds and bobs. Ascent with a moving belt.

Fraina toboggan run

In Bellamonte, going up with the first section of Bellamonte 3.0 up to the locality of Le Fassane at 1800 m, you can go downhill on a sled along the approximately 2 km long track. At the end of the descent you will find yourself at the starting point in Loc. Castelir, ready to take the cable car back and leave again.

Laricino Park Bellamonte

Laricino Park is located in front of the Bellamonte ski pass office, next to the El Zirmo lodge, and can be easily reached on foot from the ski lifts car park.

It is a completely snow-covered enclosed park with free admission which, thanks to its gentle slope, will allow you to approach  skiing and feel the first descents in total safety. The area is served by a comfortable moving belt  for the ascent and nice rubbery obstacles that will help you learn while having fun.

Alpine Coaster Gardonè

A unique attraction for children and families in Trentino.

The departure is not far from the Predazzo ski lifts, in Gardonè.

The Alpine Coaster is located above o the Predazzo-Gardonè cable car.

The bobs are two-seater, you can go alone or as a couple. You control the speed, the bob moves on a rail. 980 meters of bumps, jumps and a 360° ride.

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