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Cookie policy

What are cookies and how they work? On this page you will find detailed information about cookies and instructions on how to manage them from your computer. We start from the frequently asked questions …

What are cookies?
Cookies are small pieces of information placed on your computer or mobile device when you visit most Web sites. Their purpose is to ensure the best user experience possible when you visit several times the same website.

Because our site may use cookies?
Cookies allow us to improve the content, functionality and speed of our site, allowing at the same time to figure out what they like and do not like to our users and to adapt the website to their needs. We also use cookies to ensure that the ads displayed on our website better reflect your interests.

Our site uses cookies to make your website useful, practical and easy to use.

Without the use of cookies a website is not able to remember any preferences or user logon credentials to his next visit. For example, allow your browser to save cookies you will not have to enter your user name at any access: cookies will help us to remember this information for you.
Here is a list of the main cookies used by our website and information on how they work.

What we use cookies?

Persistent cookies and session cookies

Like most websites, we use also of “session cookies”, which remain on your computer during your stay at our website, only to be canceled at the end of the browser. The “persistent cookies” instead are stored on the browser to be used on your next login.

Cookie of social networks

As the name implies, these cookies allow our users to share content through social networks of third parties. This type of cookie is set by the manufacturer of social networking services.

How to manage cookies?

After having reviewed the operation of cookies and their use by us, here are some helpful tips to help in the management of cookies on your computer.

You can set or change the controls of your browser to delete or disable cookies. However, by choosing to disable cookies you may access restricted to certain features and areas of our website. On the site you will find simple instructions to manage cookies on different browsers.

Much of the advertising networks offer the possibility to refuse cookies. To learn more about the management and / or disabling cookies visit the Websites Digital Advertising Alliance and Your Online Choices.

For more information about cookies and other technologies used by us, write us an email to

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